Dr. Amie Wolf was hired by the UBC Sauder School of Business in 2015 and was teaching in the Faculty of Education when her contract was terminated Wednesday.

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The University of British Columbia has terminated the contract of a lecturer on Indigenous education without cause.

Matt Ramsay, UBC Director of University Affairs, confirmed on Wednesday that Dr. Amie Wolf had been terminated.

Wolf has been on paid administrative leave since January and last month was ordered by UBC to take down a post on her now deleted Twitter account that named 12 students who had transferred out of her Indigenous Education in Canada course offered within the Faculty of Education.

According to a copy of the termination letter provided to The Ubyssey, Wolf’s teaching contract had been cancelled without cause Wednesday and she would receive a lump-sum payment as per her employment contract.

“You are immediately relieved of all duties and must no longer represent yourself as being employed by the university,” the letter stated.

The letter was from Faculty of Education department head Dr. Blye Frank and stated the UBC Board of Governors had terminated her contract on the recommendation of president Santa Ono.

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Wolf was hired in 2015 by the UBC Sauder School of Business as an Aboriginal education consultant.

Ramsay said the university was aware of recent social media posts regarding Dr. Wolf.

“UBC continues to offer supports to all those involved. I can confirm Dr. Wolf is no longer with the university. For privacy reasons we will not comment further,” he said.

In a blog post published on Wednesday night, Dr. Wolf wrote “My dismissal letter reads that I no longer have any teaching duties at UBC, for no reason. Well, there is a reason.

“The fact that it isn’t stated is the statement itself. The reason for my dismissal is that I will not assimilate to the institution’s norms.

“This is the silent rule at UBC: Pretend everything is fine, and you can stay. Talk about the truth, and we will get rid of you. Well, I’m not backing down.

“I figure, if I can’t fight this – a resourced, educated, mature woman -how is an Indigenous child who is a descendant of survivors every going to defend themselves from being treated like a second class citizen in our colonial public education system?”

Dr Wolf is embroiled in an argument with a faculty member at St. Mary’s University in Nova Scotia who referenced a claim on Twitter challenging Wolf’s Indigenous background. This has led to an angry email and blog post from Wolf to that associate professor at the university’s Department of Social Justice.



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