Podcasting opens the door to listen to and enjoy so many different perspectives from across industry and across the world. I’m absolutely thrilled by the continued growth of podcasting in the construction realm, because it allows us to listen to conversations that we normally wouldn’t have access to, many of which can be extremely important for shaping the future of our industry. One of the newer voices making her conversations heard is Kathryn Hart on her podcast, Space to Build.

Space to Build features one-on-one conversations with other women in the construction industry, who have varying levels of experience and come from many different backgrounds.  Each guest shares their story of how they got to where they are and the path they had to take to get there. Perhaps most importantly, each guest is making a positive impact as a woman in construction.

In an industry where female visibility on the jobsite and in leadership roles can be hard to come by, sharing these stories and normalizing women in construction can not only help open doors for more women to enter and stay in the industry, but also inspire a younger generation to even consider it for their future profession.

So while the podcast features women and their experiences in construction, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be isolated to only women listeners.  Men who truly want to know what the female experience is like in the industry could gain a lot from the conversations. The show is also highly relatable to new workers to the industry, as I have found many of the situations discussed to be similar to my own experiences as a relatively young project manager in the industry.

Kathryn herself is a recent college graduate and is currently a superintendent for a general contractor in the Washington DC area. Her desire to create Space to Build came as a result of an experience that she had in her first role after graduating:

“I felt isolated and burnt out not long after graduating. It took a blow up from my then superintendent to wake me up and decide I should take control of my career and find my people,” Kathryn told me, “I found a new company to work for, settled into a good routine, and finally decided it was time to start this community I had wanted for so long. My goal is to create a space that fosters community and professional/personal development for the women new to construction.”

Space to Build recently finished season 1, which consisted of 10 episodes.  Hart says that the episodes have made an impact on other women in the industry, by making them feel less isolated and more motivated. Guests have included project engineers, business owners, a National Masonry Champion, architects, and more. All women making an impact in construction.

Season 2 of Space to Build starts today, February 17, 2021, and Hart told me that she is “excited to dive into the value of building community and what confidence really looks like to women in our industry.”

For more information about the Space to Build podcast, visit spacetobuild.co.  You can also find the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, and Buzzsprout.

You can also check out episode 6 of the podcast, featuring Jennifer Todd, the Founder and President of LMS General Contractors, below:


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