A driver near Vancouver caught a harrowing close call on their dash cam.

In a video posted on social media, the driver is shown travelling in the centre lane of the Port Mann Bridge in rainy weather.

A white car in front of them slams on their breaks and quickly pulls into the left lane, revealing a red van with its four-way flashers on.

A person is standing behind the stopped vehicle, attempting to cross to the edge of the road.

Speeding towards the stalled van, the driver quickly veers left, narrowly missing another car, as the person jumps back.

The 11-second video was shared on social media sites on February 12, but was allegedly taken in mid-November.

DriveSmartBC warns that wet pavement can increase stopping distances by more than 10 percent. Drivers are advised to increase their following distance to four or five seconds in wet weather.

“That extra time to slow or stop could come in handy,” they note.


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