Carin Bondar/Sarah Sovereign Photography

Chilliwack – It was a tight election campaign and that was reflected in the final vote. Going back and forth with Richard Procee, Dr. Carin Bondar , is now a Chilliwack School Board trustee. Bondar won the February 13 By-Election to replace now Chilliwack MLA Dan Coulter.

She was the target from some right wing critics , who were upset with her science based campaign as well as science and music educational parody videos. Those videos were praised by many international educators, yet loathed by some local critics who called it “soft porn”.

Bondar won the preliminary vote by some 700 ballots. She goes into a school board notorious for being polarized and now facing a numbers crunch with an upcoming budget.

In total, over 10,700 voted were cast and over one-tenth were mail ins.

City of Chilliwack


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