RCMP officers in Richmond handed out more than $16,000 in fines to partiers at two illegal get-togethers last weekend.

Police busted both parties on Friday night and say liquor and business-related charges may be coming.

Officers responded to the first gathering in the 5700 block of Cedarbridge Way around 11:30 pm after hearing reports about people entering and exiting a commercial building.

There were 16 people at the party, and officers handed out a $230 ticket to each attendee plus a $2,300 fine for the organizer.

Later that night, around 1:30 am on Saturday, police responded to reports of another party in the 12600 block of Vickers Way. There were 26 people there, and again police gave out fines to each attendee and a larger penalty for the organizer.

“The Richmond RCMP is committed to promoting safety in our community, and we will continue to investigate these kinds of circumstances to the fullest,” Chief Supt. Will Ng said in a news release.


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