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TSN 1040, Vancouver’s longest-running sports radio station, has been removed from the airwaves.

The radio station, also known as CKST, is the latest victim of cuts by parent company Bell Canada.

Popular personalities like Matt Sekeres, Blake Price, Don Taylor, Bob Marjanovich, Mike Halford, Jason Brough, Jeff Paterson, Rick Dhaliwal, Brook Ward, Rob Fai, Shantelle Chand, Aneesa Heatherington, Andrew Wadden, J.D. Burke, Jay Kroeker, Iain McLetchie, Ryan Henderson, Andy Cole and Tom Mayenknecht are now free agents in the world of radio.

So are a number of off-air technicians, ad sales people, managers and more.

A recorded announcement that played on that station at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday stated that a new format for CKST would be announced on Friday at 7 a.m.

“This was a difficult decision but the reality of the quickly evolving broadcast media landscape in Canada have made this change unavoidable. We want to thank our on-air personalities, advertising partners and sponsors, and everyone who has contributed to this station, but especially we want to thank you, our listeners,” the statement said.


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