inspired by a one-of-a-kind persian rug from the 1920s, vietnamese art studio, design by reborn, has created a huge magnetized sculpture titled ‘ravana the misunderstood’. towering 2 meters in height, the sculpture is adorned in a total of 7236 patterns, which have all been reinterpreted from the original rug made by persian artisans. 

ravana the misunderstood



ravana is composed of five parts and can be self-assembled. the sculpture holds itself together by custom-made rare-earth magnets. the design team of reborn stumbled upon this rug and inside it saw a cosmic monolith with floral patterns that resembles galaxies, inspiring them to create their new series. the process began by researching the origins and original imagery of the gallery rug, the team made slight alterations to the patterns changing them slightly to make them seem like space crafts, black holes, stars, planets and cosmic beings.

the reincarnation of a persian rug 3

rear view of ravana



a total of over 7236 patterns are adorned all over ravana and available in a glossy or matte finish. ravana’s heart caves into a valley of 27 hand lacquered wooden layers that dives into the center of the sculpture. the design team of reborn teamed up with traditional vietnamese lacquer artisans to achieve its perfect finish. a painting process which they apply across all lacquer collector objects in their previous collections.

the reincarnation of a persian rug 4

ravana front and back



the name ‘ravana’ is borrowed from a mythical sri lankan king mentioned in the hindu epic ramayana. in the text, ravana is seen as a complex character & evokes polarizing views, some also misinterpreting him in popular belief. some see him as the ultimate force of evil, but he was a knowledgeable scholar, scientist, lover & a man of principle. a devout follower of lord shiva. (one of the principal deities of hinduism), ravana is even worshipped in many cultures. the reborn studio found the name ravana to have many interpretations, which made them consider it because of the many forms the rug transform itself to.

the reincarnation of a persian rug 5

details of ravana



this is the first drop of their new series which the art studio intends to release soon inspired from kurdish, persian/ iranian rug patterns. ravana is available for pre-order with a limited edition run of just 5 robots.


the reincarnation of a persian rug 7

ravana in saigon

the reincarnation of a persian rug 8

the reincarnation of a persian rug 9

the reincarnation of a persian rug 10

the reincarnation of a persian rug 11

the reincarnation of a persian rug 12

ravana with the traditional lacquer artisan from vietnam

the reincarnation of a persian rug 6

details of the persian rug and the illustrations of ravana

the reincarnation of a persian rug 1

ravana and the original persian rug



project info:


project name: ravana

design: design by reborn


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edited by: lynne myers | designboom


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