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When they signed Baertschi to a deserved new deal in 2018, was there not a thought about *what* the team was to look like in years two and three of his new deal?

If you’re simply ditching the player after only one season, sending him away essentially forever, praying that maybe another team might trade for him, you didn’t have that kind of plan in mind when you first signed him.

So if you didn’t have a plan for where he’d be in the lineup in 2019-20 when you signed him before 2018-19 season, what were you doing?

This isn’t a new problem either. You could look back to the signing of Sam Gagner the year before that.

There’s another three-year deal that was suddenly ditchable after just one season. That, again, is not planning ahead.

Gagner was dealt for Ryan Spooner, who didn’t get up to much at the end of 2018-19 and his buyout is another block on the books that kept the Canucks from re-signing Tyler Toffoli.

What was the point of any of these signings? What was the point of adding Spooner? His buyout was barely less than it would have been for Gagner. He arguably showed less in his late season run than they’d seen in Gagner.

The salary cap is unforgiving. You can’t just throw money around without a plan, hoping that it’ll just work out in the seasons to come.

(This, by the way, is why the holding firm on signing Markstrom and Tanev was a good thing, the risk of those contracts becoming blocks in a couple seasons was too great. You can find new players who are younger and carry more upside and less risk.)


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