Victoria – What was expected from the Provincial Health Officer came to fruition.

The extension of COVID-19 Gathering Restrictions in the Province. They remain until February 28 at the earliest.

The new variants found in BC combined with the continued efforts to flatten the curve are not a comfortable points for health officials.

The word came Friday morning, but the heads up was from Hockey Canada as they canceled all major junior hockey tournaments including the BCHL Centennial Cup.

So much for Super Bowl parties and this also covers in person worship.

From the Province website: (FULL DETAILS ARE HERE)

This content is a summary of a verbal order extended by the PHO on February 5, 2021 and the PHO order – Gatherings and Events (PDF) document.

By order of the PHO, all gathering and events are suspended to significantly reduce COVID-19 transmission related to social interactions. The order came into effect November 19, 2020 at midnight and will be kept in place until further notice based on direction from the PHO.

Gatherings at residences or vacation accommodations

No social gatherings of any size at your residence with anyone other than your household or, if you live alone, your core bubble. For example:

  • Do not invite friends or extended family into your residence or vacation accommodation
  • Do not gather in your backyard, patio, driveway or anywhere else on your property
  • Do not host playdates for children

Core bubble

For most people, their core bubble is their immediate household. An immediate household is a group of people who live in the same residence. For example:

  • If you have a rental suite in your home, the suite is a separate residence
  • If you live in an apartment or house with roommates, you are all members of the same household

For people who live alone, a core bubble is a maximum of two people you see regularly.


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