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Yet the situation is just as alarming in Canada as it is elsewhere. From January 2020 to last month, the number of daily flights at Canadian airports went from an average of 140,000 per day to 9,000. At Air Canada alone, this slowdown has left more than 20,000 workers furloughed or laid off.

While it is increasingly likely that some Canadian carriers will use the federal creditors act if an assistance plan does not come soon, the Trudeau government continues to be asleep at the wheel. However, it is certainly well known that the plan to return to profitability of companies that use this law is mainly on the backs of workers. This means attempting cuts to pension plans, wages, benefits and possibly job relocation. Because of its immobility and lack of vision, the federal government would be the main culprit for the misfortunes of workers from coast to coast to coast.

At Canadian airports since March, workers have been taking blows with courage in the hope that the assistance plan announced several times by federal ministers will finally arrive. However, the news of the past few weeks has hurt, and courage has been replaced by frustration and disillusionment. Aware that aviation is one of the economic levers that will enable us to quickly and sustainably lift our economy from this crisis, these workers do not understand why their government is unable to move from words to action. They are willing to work to rebuild our economy, but it remains to be seen whether the Trudeau government is also?


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