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The RCMP detachment at the University of B.C. said it’s looking into complaints about crowds of students gathering at Wreck Beach.

University RCMP Const. Christina Martin said it is working with the university before releasing more details later this week. “We’re not sure about the numbers and we are meeting to get more information,” said Martin.

Asked if the number of students was in the dozens or hundreds, Martin said she hadn’t been down to Wreck Beach to see herself, but has been getting “complaints from people about the large night gatherings.”

UBC expects staff, students and faculty to follow provincial health restrictions, said Matthew Ramsey, director of university affairs.

These currently ban social gatherings of any size, even outdoors. People may go for a walk with someone else, but “make sure a walk does not turn into a group of people meeting outside.”

Ramsey said campus security doesn’t monitor activities at Wreck Beach, which sits at the bottom of a steep set of stairs outside the university’s perimeter, below where a cluster of student residences are located.

Ramsey added campus security responds to complaints about gatherings on campus, working to disperse them by first asking students to follow public health orders, and then calling the RCMP.


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