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“Sarah’s Law” Reintroduced as Biden Rolls Back Immigration Enforcement


Ahead of the fifth anniversary of the senseless death of Sarah Root, Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) reintroduced S. 80, “Sarah’s Law,” which requires federal law enforcement to detain illegal aliens criminally charged with killing or seriously injuring another person. The reintroduction of Sarah’s Law comes as President Biden rescinded former President Trump’s executive order prioritizing the prosecution of illegal aliens convicted of violent crimes.

In an article describing Sarah’s Law, Senator Ernst wrote that:

Sarah’s Law is about as commonsense a reform as there is. It recognizes
the simple fact that all criminals should be held accountable for their actions
and not allowed to slip back into the shadows. If Sarah’s Law is passed, men
and women who are in this country illegally and murder another person would be
prioritized for deportation if released. Who could oppose something like this?

Sarah’s Law is co-sponsored by 19 other
senators, including two other members of Republican leadership. Its
reintroduction comes as President Biden and his administration continue
dismantling the previous administration’s efforts to crack down on illegal
immigration, and particularly on illegal aliens with criminal records.

Acknowledging the Biden administration’s continuing efforts to eviscerate interior enforcement, co-sponsor Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) remarked that “President Biden’s early actions as president make clear that protecting American citizens from violent illegal immigrants isn’t a priority for his administration—but it should be. Sarah’s Law would ensure that federal law enforcement detains criminals who enter our country illegally and harm our citizens.”

The sentiment was echoed by Rick Scott (R-Fla.) who noted that “we know the Biden Administration is pushing a radical immigration agenda of amnesty and open borders that will threaten American safety.”

As President Biden and Senate Democrats attempt to ram through the Biden-Harris amnesty plan, Senator Ernst proposes actual reforms that would positively impact our immigration system by preventing dangerous illegal aliens from escaping justice.


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