moscow-based kerimov architects have designed a single-story house on a cliff, situated in algarve, portugal. the dwelling settles amid the lush natural surroundings and next to the ocean, generating a peaceful refuge away from the bustling city. the context played a fundamental role in the project, with the volumetry, materiality, and the color palette drawing influence from the rocky landscape. 

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for this project, kerimov architects conceived the solution as two parallelepipeds embedded in each other, with their intersection generating a vertical chimney. the rhythm of the structure is set not only by the complex form but also by the variety of textures on the facade.

 kerimov architects build 'house on a cliff' in portugal opening toward the rocky scenery & ocean views



in order to complete the dwelling, only natural materials and their derivatives were used. the main volume is made of architectural concrete, while the second one is fronted with metal. in time, it will be covered with a patina and it will be oxidized under the influence of precipitation. the project also incorporates a thermal tree which will be burnt out due to the sun, thus acquiring new shades. ‘nature is always changeable, and architecture as a living organism changes over time’ the architects share.

kerimov architects build 'house on a cliff' in portugal, opening toward the rocky scenery & ocean views



the functional program is distributed as follows: the living room and the dining room are concentrated within a large volume, while a smaller one houses the bedroom and the bathroom. windows are strategically positioned to open towards the ocean and the interesting rocky scenery. a discreetly decorative perforation of the facade, reminiscent of a scattering of stars, lets the sunlight in, creating a play of light and shade. in addition, a non-steep staircase with a distinct irregular rhythm gives emphasis to the natural slope that leads to the shore.

kerimov architects build 'house on a cliff' in portugal, opening toward the rocky scenery & ocean views



kerimov architects have included a chill-out zone to serve as a meditative space for the clients. this space includes two sun loungers, a fireplace, as well as a small overflow swimming pool. in the open-air lounge, residents can relax and watch the ocean waves, and stay warm and cozy by the fireplace. next to the house, a concrete slab structure with a canopy forms a private garage that can accommodate two vehicles. 

kerimov architects build 'house on a cliff' in portugal, opening toward the rocky scenery & ocean views

'house on a cliff' in portugal by kerimov architects enjoys rocky scenery & ocean views

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project info:



name: house on the cliff
architecture office: kerimov architects



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