KANVA with NEUF architect(e)s have completed the renovation of the montreal biodôme, a museum that contains a range of replicated ecosystems found in the americas. the project, winner of the international competition launched in early 2014 by the municipality of montreal (see previous coverage here), wraps each of the museum’s ecosystems in a white undulating ‘living skin’. visitors can enjoy a renewed experience, led by a multiplicity of paths highlighting a more intuitive discovery of the living collections and encouraging free wandering, as it could be done in a natural environment.all images by james brittain unless stated otherwise



originally designed as the velodrome for the montreal olympic games in 1976 by architect roger taillibert, the building adopted its current use for the first time in 1992 to accommodate the four natural ecosystems of the biodôme. in 2014, the biodôme was the subject of an international architectural competition for its revitalization. in charge of the renovation, local firm KANVA, together with NEUF architect(e)s, reorganized the building’s circulation to offer visitors a more immersive experience.KANVA renovation montreal biodôme white undulating 'living skin'image by marc cramer



the project is characterized by the delicate ‘living skin’ that wraps each of the biodôme’s ecosystem exhibitions. an organic interface between the urban ecosystem and the natural ecosystem, the undulating surface gently guides visitors through the museum. its pure white color highlights the building’s olympic heritage while the whiteness contrasts with the ecosystems.KANVA completes renovation of montreal biodôme with white undulating 'living skin'image by marc cramerKANVA renovation montreal biodôme white undulating 'living skin'


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