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In a normal sequence, the strata council will establish the proposed resolution for the project, including the project’s details and how the funds will be approved; either by approving reserve funds or a special levy. A meeting is then held where owners debate the resolutions and either approve or defeat the proposed projects.

Many resolutions often fail due to a lack of information or unknown purchasing procedures challenged by owners. This results in mistrust between strata councils and owners and delays in projects that inevitably cost more for everyone.

While the act does not require any minimum purchasing requirements, it is in everyone’s best interest to set specifications for projects and develop a bidding process on the specifications.

Multiple quotes for projects are helpful to set budgeting plans and targets for scheduling. Still, they are not comparable as they are established from the perspective of each of the companies providing the quotes.

Major construction and renewals have many variables that affect the pricing and contracting relationship. Consultants, technical writers and project managers routinely set the specifications for the scope of work. They assist with the processing of tendering projects to ensure the client is provided with comparable bids that meet the minimum conditions of product and materials, methods and details of construction, insurance requirements, site conditions, warranties, access to the property, environmental conditions, and any other contractual conditions a strata council negotiates.


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