The road will be widened to six lanes under the contract, which includes 30 years of structural maintenance and has a total contract value of about €600m (£535m).

The A1 Lohne Bramsche joint venture will carry out the work under a ‘function-based construction contract’ (FBV).

“The widening of the motorway from four to six lanes will eliminate a bottleneck on the busy A1,” said Strabag SE CEO Thomas Birtel.

Johann Bunte will take the technical lead and Strabag the commercial lead in the joint venture. Construction will start on 1st February and will be carried out under traffic. Completion of the motorway section is scheduled for mid-2025.

In addition to extensive earthworks and the construction of the carriageways, 14 bridges along the motorway section will be completely rebuilt, as will two overpasses over the motorway. In addition, 18 bridges will be rehabilitated. The joint venture’s tasks also include work on noise barriers and landscaping.

Activities will be carried out in eight construction phases. In the first five phases, the motorway is to be widened in the direction of Osnabrück (2021 and 2022). Once these works are completed, the next three phases will involve widening and new construction works in the direction of Bremen.

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