By Ellen Baragon, Guest Contributor

Given that the Contract of Purchase and Sale (CPS) is a foundational document to any real estate transaction, REALTORS® need to know the fine details that can make or break a Contract of Purchase and Sale.

To that end, BCREA has created a new tutorial video series that reviews key aspects of the Contract of Purchase and Sale for residential properties. These important topics include:

Standard forms such as the CPS support Realtors in their practice and help facilitate transaction between the between the seller and the buyer, while guiding negotiations between the parties.

Having a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the CPS will help you better support, empower and protect your clients during a real estate transaction.

To watch the complete CPS tutorial video series for Realtors, click here.

To see a version designed to help your clients better understand the Contract of Purchase and Sale, click here.

BCREA has also created tutorial videos on the following topics:

For more Standard Forms resources, including training toolkits that offer a comprehensive look into a variety of common standard forms, visit BCREA’s Standard Forms Resource Centre (REALTOR Link® login required).

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