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The companies argued the board’s decision was unfair, as it did not limit the number of vehicles Uber and Lyft would have as part of their fleets, while cab companies are restricted.

Justice Sandra Wilkinson argued that the board had carefully considered the issue and had left the matter open for consideration in the future.

– with files from Canadian Press

Here are a few highlights of where Vancouverites are headed with ride-hailing services:

Most popular beach

Kits Beach in Vancouver on May 9, 2020. Photo by Jason Payne /PNG

Of all the beaches in Vancouver, Kitsilano Beach was hands-down the most popular beach destination input into the Lyft app by riders wanting to catch some waves and some sun.

Most popular restaurants

CRAFT Beer Market, located in Olympic Village, and Earl’s, which has multiple locations, are among the most popular restaurants in the past year.

Most popular SkyTrain station

Before ride-sharing and ride-hailing were officially launched in Metro Vancouver, advocates had argued there was a gap in the system where services like Uber or Lyft could help people connect to the wider transportation system. In many cases, it would be the first or last mile of their commute, connecting a rider from their front door to their closest major transit hub.

After a year of operation, it appears King George Station is the most popular transit hub desintation for Lyft riders seeking to commute.

Other facts about Lyft in Vancouver

• Metro Vancouver has the highest percentage of hybrid or electrical vehicles on the platform, ranking in the top 5 Lyft markets for eco-friendly vehicles.

• Some 98 per cent of Lyft riders in Vancouver have a rating of 4.75 or higher.

• Metro Vancouver riders are among the top tippers in North America and in fact, are the highest tippers across Canada.

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