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SuperDraft players who stick with a club are rare finds, with midfielder Ryan Raposo, taken in 2020, the first player to stick around since Jake Nerwinski in 2017. Before that, Tim Parker cracked the roster as a starter after being taken in 2015.

But with such heavy Canadian content in their roster, and the national team needing all hands on deck for a very busy 2021, Brown and Egbo have better shots at pulling off the feat.

“When you look at the schedule of the international camps and what can happen with with Canada … Some of the players are not going to be with us and it’s important that we’re ready,” said coach Marc Dos Santos, who currently has five players away with the Canadian team, while Ali Adnan and Ranko Vesilinovic have also been called up for their countries.

“With COVID and what happened in 2020, it really looks like the schedule could be very condensed with international games. This is also one of the reasons we looked at David Egbo very carefully. Can he be a player that could give us that depth in a moment like that? We’re very aware of what’s going to happen in the schedule and we’re trying to get ready for it.”

Both Egbo and Brown came across as confident and assured, but acknowledge they have parts of their game that need to be improved for them to be successful professionals.

“Personally, I think I’m good at everything,” Egbo said with a smile. “And that’s not to sound cocky … because I think my versatility, I can play whatever the position: On the left, centre right and centre mid, I can play back to goal. I don’t want to say I’m the perfect striker, but I think I have a little bit of everything, and that’s what makes me different from the rest of the strikers.


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