mexico-city based design studio NOS has collaborated with BioFab company POLYBION in grow it yourself, the first bio-fabricated bike helmet in the world. made of hay and mycelium — a fungus that performs like a foam — the helmet offers protection from impact while being 100% compostable.

images by NOS



sometimes referred as the plastic of the future, mycelium is technically a kind of mushroom. it is made of underground wires which create a network that can grow endlessly. by giving it a defined structure to grow, mycelium is able to form a strong material that could replace not only plastic but textiles, wood and cement among others. it is also breathable and fire-retardant, adding to its impressive characteristics.

made from mycelium, the grow your own helmet by NOS never stops growing



first envisioned for kids, the grow it yourself helmet by NOS can also be used by adults as it will continue to grow on you. when used by children, the helmet aims to create a dialogue on sustainability, the impact of everyday life activities, and the products we consume. and if it breaks, no problem, you can always compost it and grow a new one. 

NOS - grow your own - mycelium helmet



‘getting kids involved in the making of products they use is a great way to connect and give them a rewarding experience once they finished,’ NOS comments. ‘using organic materials that they can see grow is a better way to teach them about the importance of sustainability.’

NOS - grow your own - mycelium helmet



see other sustainability projects by NOS on designboom, including this toothbrush made with replaceable bamboo bristles, and this modular micro-environment for growing crops.

NOS - grow your own - mycelium helmet

made from mycelium, the grow your own helmet by NOS never stops growing



project info:


name: grow your own

design: NOS

in collaboration with: POLYBION

type: mycelium helmet


juliana neira I designboom

jan 21, 2021


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