florentine museum, gallerie degli uffizi, has introduced a new social initiative to virtually connect audiences to some of its most significant artworks. #uffizidamangiare is a new series of short films presented every sunday on the institution’s facebook page, which sees a well-known chef or food personality choose a work from the collections and propose a recipe inspired by the ingredients depicted — such as fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish. the museum intends for the weekly video series to illustrate the intimate connection that has always linked the art of painting with gastronomy through the genre of still life.

chef fabio picchi shares a recipe for a simple mayonnaise to pair with ‘boy with a basket of fish’ by giacomo ceruti



in the first episode of the italian-language #uffizidamangiare series, chef fabio picchi speaks in depth about the 18th century ‘boy with a basket of fish’ by giacomo ceruti. picchi describes the spider crab in the boy’s basket (not a lobster, he says), discussing how to eat the meat, and proposes a simple homemade mayonnaise to pair with the meal. in future episodes, leading italian butcher dario cecchini will serve up his version of ‘pantry with cask, game, meat and pottery’ by jacopo chimenti from 1624. the series hopes to entice virtual patrons of gallerie degli uffizi with a rich menu of content based on the colors and flavors of great masterpieces.



project info:


series name: #uffizidamangiare

by: gallerie degli uffizi

watch on: @uffizigalleries

nina azzarello I designboom

jan 21, 2021


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