Rotrex’s Magni trailer winch

First job for Rotrex’s 60-tonne capacity winch is in Norway on a water utilities contract for re-lining pipes.

Rotrex (the company previously better known as Lifting Gear Hire) expects the machine’s pulling capacity to open up new business both in the UK and overseas.

The new winch, called Magni, is made in Italy by Omac to Rotrex’s specification. It has remote control and is wi-fi enabled.

Rotrex says that it is the largest capacity trailer winch available in Europe. It also has large rope storage facilities, allowing pulls of up to 2,400 metres, which is more than double that of its current 40-tonne winch. The synthetic rope is made from high molecular polyethylene (HMPE).

European sales manager Don Wilkinson said: “The investment is a real game-changer for Rotrex and our international customers. On top of the additional pulling capacity needed for large projects, the winch is fitted with HMPE fibre rope making handling a lot easier due to its lighter weight. It also ensures pipework and ducts are not damaged during pulls.”

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