The company says that the electric versions do not sacrifice any performance versus their conventional counterparts. With the machine plugged in, operators will see unlimited runtime, but with it unplugged, operators can expect up to 4 hours of runtime.

On conventional power, the batter will take about 4.5 hours to charge, while a higher amperage fast charging setup with fully charge the battery 2.25 hours.

According to the LR 1250.1 Unplugged’s data sheet, sound levels inside the cab peak at 72 dB, whereas sound levels outside of the machine will peak at 105 dB. The non-electric version of the LR 1250.1 states 72.9 dB and 107 dB, respectively.

Presumably due to the weight of the battery, the unplugged version also adds a little over 2 tons to the overall weight. The new machines also produce zero emissions, which can be helpful on sensitive jobsites.

“Especially the year 2020 has shown that one must be open-minded and bold to break new ground. With our unplugged cranes we offer our customers an alternative drive design. As we have already seen with the LB 16 unplugged, the first battery-powered drilling rig, the strategy is a complete success. Strict requirements regarding environmental sustainability in tenders for construction projects increase the demand for advanced technologies. For us, it was clear that we extend and successfully establish the design in further product groups,” says Gerhard Frainer, Managing Director for Sales at Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH, in a press release.

For more information, check out Liebherr’s announcement video below (starting at 5:41), narrated by a guy with either the coolest or most terrifying voice that I have ever heard.


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