1. I’ve been staring at this Black Coverlet Coat from Bode for the last couple of months now having an internal dialogue that vacillates between “I want it!” and “I need it!” Yes, I have plenty of coats but that textured geometric pattern makes my heart dance and my fingers want to reach out and touch it.

2. I have no fewer than five tissue boxes scattered throughout 700 square feet because, well, allergies. The patterns on the boxes make me cringe (It’s 2021, can someone get on designing new ones?!) so when I received this Everybody Tissue Box by Dusen Dusen for Areaware as a Christmas present, I was thrilled. The striped faces in multiple colors make grabbing tissues so much more delightful. I only need four more to cover the rest of the ugly boxes…

3. I download the monthly Designer Desktops we feature every month for my various tech devices but sometimes I mix it up and go for something super minimalist, like these Dieter Rams Wallpapers. You can download them for free and gaze upon some of his best Braun designs.

4. I love this handmade Kampan Hand Mirror from Open Editions. It comes in five different colorways each with its own squiggly ceramic shape. It would look cool hanging on a wall or on a vanity just hanging out until you need it.

5. We all spend ridiculous amounts of time on social media, especially since the pandemic began almost a year ago. In order to make myself feel better about so much screen time, I try to fill my feeds with visually enticing things, like Dan Lam’s Instagram feed. Besides the alluring drippy sculptural forms, the menagerie of neon and bright colors will make your eyes become entranced. Watch the videos of Lam creating them for additional visual gratification.


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