When Big 7 Travel asked their audience earlier this year for their top post-lockdown destinations, travellers put remote islands, peaceful country breaks and tropical paradise beaches at the top of their lists.

With two out of the three, it’s no surprise that Cape Town found itself at number 36 on the list.

The Mother City was also on a couple of other coveted lists recently, so here are another six reasons why Cape Town should be your number one post-lockdown holiday destination too.

1. Two Cape Town travel experiences are the best of their kind in the world

Photos: Cape Town Helicopters Instagram; BokBus website

At the end of 2019, Cape Town Helicopters and BokBus Tours were recognised as two of the best experiences in the world by GetYourGuide.

Cape Town Helicopters won the Best Adrenaline Rush award, specifically for their Two Oceans Scenic Flight. This is a flight takes off from the V&A Waterfront and then flies along the Atlantic Coast over to False Bay, passing Fish Hoek to Muizenberg.

If you prefer to stick to land-based activities, BokBus Tours is for you. BokBus offers various day trips and tours, and won the Best Tour Guide award.

This honour went to Benjamin Glaman, who joined BokBus in 2009. Benjamin has 22 years of experience as a tour guide under his belt and is a favourite with guests. You’ll find many positive reviews on the BokBus website mentioning him by name.

2. Cape Town has the best ice cream in the world!

Photo: Unframed Ice Cream Instagram

Unframed Ice Cream, makers of artisanal ice cream in 32 extraordinary flavours, was voted as the Best Ice Cream Parlour in the World by Big 7 Travel in 2019.

This is how Big 7 Travel described Unframed in their ranking:

Unframed is an artisanal ice cream maker, which means they make healthy ice cream from scratch, in small batches, from real and sustainable food. There’s always vegan flavours available and the “Blue Coconut” made with Blue Spirulina is famous for good reason.

Their ice creams are extraordinary, made with passion and truly unique in their flavour and just how rich they taste. When it comes to the best ice cream parlours in the world, it truly doesn’t get much better than this.

You can get a taste of Unframed in Woodstock, Gardens, the V&A Food Market and in Stellenbosch when you’re in Cape Town.

3. Chapman’s Peak Drive is among the most scenic routes in the world

Chapman’s Peak Drive, or Chappies as it’s known among locals, was named the 40th most scenic drive in the world earlier this year by Big 7 Travel.

To those not familiar with Chappies, it’s a stretch of coastal road that winds its way between Noordhoek and Hout Bay. On a hot summer’s day, the Atlantic Ocean shimmers below you and up above there’s not a cloud in the sky.

No description can do it justice though, so make sure to hop in a car and take a drive along Chappies when you’re next in Cape Town.

4. La Colombe is one of the world’s top fine dining restaurants

Photo: La Colombe Instagram

La Colombe in Constantia is one of South Africa’s most iconic and internationally acclaimed fine dining establishments.

The most recent feather in La Colombe’s cap is a special mention at the global Traveller’s Choice Awards where it was named the 13th-best restaurant in the world in the fine dining category.

These awards are awarded each year to highly-rated eateries and attractions based on positive reviews generated online via TripAdvisor.

One of La Colombe’s most recent patrons had this to say:

Shall we call it a unique experience, a theatre of amazing food presented in a way an art gallery present their art works. Every course tantalize the taste buds. From entering the restaurant until stepping out we were overwhelmed by the excellent personal but unobtrusive service. This will go down as the best restaurant experience we had so far!

5. Table Mountain was Africa’s Leading Tourist Attraction in 2019

Table Mountain, the Mother City’s most iconic landmark, was named Africa’s Leading Tourist Attraction in the 2019 World Travel Awards. This year it’s in the running for the world’s best tourist attraction.

We’ll know the winners on 9 November and we’re hoping Table Mountain takes the top spot!

Cape Town is also in the running for five 2020 World Travel Africa Awards:

  • Africa’s Leading Beach Destination
  • Africa’s Leading Business Travel Destination
  • Africa’s Leading City Destination
  • Africa’s Leading Festival and Event Destination
  • Africa’s Leading Meetings and Conference Destination

Cape Town won Africa’s Leading Festival and Event Destination in 2019 so hopefully the Mother City can make it two years in a row.

6. Cape Town is one of the world’s best cities for eco-friendly travel

Tourlane, a carbon neutral travel company, went on a hunt to find the world’s 50 most eco-friendly destinations. The criteria included accessibility by train, public transportation, car ownership, green spaces, ratio of tourists to locals, air quality, green energy, and recycling levels.

Cape Town came in at number 41 and was the only South African city on the list. So if you’re looking to travel in an environmentally friendly way, you know where to go when you visit South Africa.

Ready to pack your bags?

We bet you are! Just remember to first check if your country is on South Africa’s list of high-risk countries for travelling to SA. This list is updated regularly on the website of the Department of Home Affairs. At the time of writing, the latest update was issued on 19 October.

If you have any questions about travelling to South Africa at the moment, please do not hesitate to give us a call on +27 (0) 21 424 2460 or to request a call back. Our immigration consultants can also help you apply for a visitor’s visa if you need one to enter South Africa.


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