From a management-level perspective, the true value of adopting new technologies in the construction industry is the ability to quickly and reliably gather data. It’s nearly impossible to make a sound business decision without it, yet it’s still – in a way — a relatively new concept in the industry. We’ve always collected data, but many times it’s stuck in paper forms or tucked away in a file on someone’s laptop, not easily sharable with others in the company. So now that construction data is easier than ever to collect and organize thanks to the massive innovation that’s taken place over the last decade, how do we best utilize it?

Procore has recently released a series of free online courses to help figure out how to manage all of the data being collected by various sources. The 5 lessons will cover popular means of collecting data, such as AI, drones, and VR, but also how to implement change based upon the findings of the data. These courses are available to both non-Procore and Procore users, alike.

The 5 courses included in the series are:

  • Introduction to Data in Construction – learn the basics and why data is important

  • Collect & Analyze Data – learn how data is curated and analyzed

  • Machine Learning and AI – learn the differences between AI and machine learning and how both can impact your projects

  • Data on the Jobsite – how to actually use and implement findings from data

  • Future of Data – learn about predictive analytics and how data will be collected and analyzed in the future.

Those interested can enroll on Procore’s Data in Construction Series website.  Continuing education units can also be earned for each course completed.

The Data in Construction series joins dozens of other free, online courses that Procore currently offers to anyone in the industry. Procore’s Education platform has over 100 different courses covering Safety, Technology, Industry Trends, Business, Inclusion, and Procore specific certification.

More information: Data in Construction Courses | Procore


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