Who knew it was National Puzzle Month but apparently it’s a thing so we’re here to celebrate it! Although, haven’t we all been celebrating puzzles for the last 10 months of quarantine? Spending so much time at home has spiked a love of puzzles for all of us so we thought we’d share some new modern puzzles that have landed in our shop. Check them out!

>>> Buy >>> Many Moods – 500 Piece Puzzle by Inner Piece Puzzles
With a finished size of 16″ x 20″, this new puzzle features an abstract portrait that’s colorful and playful, and will definitely spread some happy vibes when putting it together.

>>> Buy >>> Iridescent Waves Puzzle by Waves Puzzle Co.
It may only have 49 pieces and be 8″ x 8″, but this laser cut lucite puzzle is more challenging than it looks. Its eye-catching, iridescent pieces can be put together in more ways than the solution featured on the box, so you can keep exploring other geometric possibilities!

>>> Buy >>> Nightmare in Paradise by Shawna X for Ordinary Habit
This colorful 500 piece puzzle shows a captivating scene depicting a sunset swim layered with some dark humor – is it a pool float or a predator? You get to decide.

>>> Buy >>> Gradient 1,000 Piece Puzzle – Teal/Blue/Purple by Areaware
Back with a new version of their popular gradient puzzles, this new 20″ x 28″ puzzle morphs between three soothing colors – teal, blue and purple – that will make you zone out and forget about a rough day.

>>> Buy >>> Tattoo Girl – 500 Piece Puzzle by Inner Piece Puzzles
Another new design, this one featuring the art of Aniek Bartels of a girl covered in tattoos. Just like real tattoos, this puzzle takes time and patience to get to the end result, but well worth it when you do.

>>> Buy >>> Little Puzzle Thing® | Series 5: Ice Cream by Areaware
The latest in Areaware’s Little Puzzle Thing® series includes all six mini puzzles featuring delectable Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. Each puzzle is roughly 8″ x 8″ assembled with at least 70 pieces making them a great reward when you have limited time.

>>> Check out more puzzles in the Design Milk Shop here! <<<


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