Hard to top a new world record for the number 1 spot on your list…

Back in 1998, the Hudson Department Store in downtown Detroit, Michigan was demolished by explosives.  That building stood 410 feet tall across its 29 floors, making it, at the time, the tallest building to ever be taken down by implosion. The dust cloud covered many city blocks and the 20,000 unsuspecting people that came to watch the event.  That record was just recently broken by a building over 100 feet taller than it.

Prior to its recent demolition, the tallest building in Mina Plaza Complex in Abu Dhabi, UAE stood at roughly 541 feet across its 46 floors, according to Demoliton News. Scotland based demoltion company, Safedem, carried out the explosive demolition, which landed them in the Guinness Book of World Records.

There were four towers in the complex, totaling 144 stories in all, which were imploded simultaneously, according to Safedem.


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