In my new online class, Online Marketing XX, I’ll give you the exact tools to FIND, KEEP and GROW your audience so that you can ramp up your business FAST in 2021. I know the tricks and tips to becoming a success story with over 14 years of digital marketing experience. I’ve worked with 8,000 students through my online classes and consulted for nearly 50 private clients and brands from small business owners to Fortune 500 companies. XXX s will help you to take your business (or soon-to-business) to the next level fast.

But first…

I’m an American expat who left everything behind over a decade ago during (what I thought to be) the pinnacle of my career, to relocate to northern Germany. I wanted to start a family (my husband is German), which I did in 2014 when my son was born. I’m a self-made entrepreneur who willingly gave up my corporate career to chase a dream – to become a design expert and writer. I ended up with a famous blog, four best-sellers, and my own magazine. I’ve also designed collections for brands and I regularly moderate panels and give keynotes at leading design fairs and business conferences. I’m also an online educator, which I started in 2009, and I’ve taught 9,000 students how to do what I did: leap, learn, grow and find great success in their online business adventure. Because it’s an amazing adventure if you have the right person to hold your hand and show you the way. I’m that person, I’m the one who can help you to reach your business (and personal) potential, but even more, I can show you exactly how to get, keep and grow your audience so that your online business can be a success.


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