I know this is a sensitive topic, but let’s just go there anyway, ok? Let’s imagine a holiday that won’t put us into debt, that isn’t stressful, that won’t include people we’d rather not see just because they’re technically family. Imagine a holiday that feels so relaxing that, when it’s time to return to work in January, you truly feel that you had a vacation and not like you still need another week or two off to recover.


This year, Corona gives us an excuse to recreate how we each decide to do Christmas. Or Hanukkah or whatever you do (or do not) celebrate. I believe Corona gives us a chance to take on a new trend that I’m calling SLOW HOLIDAY. This epidemic could possibly reset us and how we handle our holidays going forward, have you ever considered that? Because this year WE CAN AVOID overspending, in-laws who annoy us, and over-decorating because, you know, “COVID-19”. It’s the perfect excuse for everything, you really gotta try it sometime (smile).

I listen more than I talk lately. Soaking in all of the Zoom calls, talking to friends all over the world on Whatsapp, reading the news and magazines, purusing forums and Facebook group convos, reading books, READING Instagram (vs. just looking)… And outside of the typical Kardashian and Influencer types, NO ONE is impressed with excess right now. In fact, it’s a massive source of irritation because many are struggling to survive. Holiday 2020 can be really simple, slow, rewarding and more sustainable. It can be pretty and special, minus the big fests and lavish gifts and “going all out” extravagance. It can actually feel like TIME OFF.

Imagine that?!?!?

What does a SLOW HOLIDAY look like? Here are some LESS IS MORE-style visuals.


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