Spot, the popular yellow robotic dog/grasshopper from Boston Dynamics, was officially released for sale to anyone earlier this year and it continues to make new friends – and grow new limbs apparently.

Sticking with the theme of dogs being man’s best friend, spot has been busy making new friends with a drone and teaming up with construction technology powerhouse, Trimble. In 2021, you will have an option to buy an arm that will attach to the top of the robot right in the middle of its two front legs.

It’s been very interesting following the development of Spot as a platform.  As I talked about on my recent appearance on the Construction Brothers Podcast, I can’t think of any piece of hardware that has captured the minds of other companies that want to integrate with it.

Spot + Drones

Just when you thought one robot was enough, now they’re teaming up with each other. Percepto, an Israeli-based drone maker, recently scored a $45 million investment and is putting that money to good use in their R&D department. Percepto’s Autonomous Inspection & Monitoring (AIM) collects and analyzes data from around the jobsite by itself. By teaming up with Spot, the drone takes care of the aerial data collection, while Spot takes care of the ground-based collection. Spot will also carry Percepto’s payloads for their imaging and thermal vision hardware.

“Combining Percepto’s Sparrow drone with Spot creates a unique solution for remote inspection,” said Michael Perry, VP of Business Development at Boston Dynamics, in a press release. “This partnership demonstrates the value of harnessing robotic collaborations and the insurmountable benefits to worker safety and cost savings that robotics can bring to industries that involve hazardous or remote work.”

You can see more about the Percepto and Spot partnership in the video below:


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