With the large amount of people that work in the construction industry and the high visibility of many of these projects, I’m always amazed that television networks never spent any time developing shows about it. The Smithsonian Channel, however, is about to premiere a new show, dedicated to the design and construction of some of the world’s most fascinating structures and the first episode will air on Sunday night, January 3rd, 2021.

There isn’t a ton of information available about “How Did they Build That?” – the title of the show – but the website explains:

“ Across the globe, radical architects, ingenious engineers, and skilled builders are creating structures so outrageous, they defy logic…and often even gravity. From a Manhattan skyscraper that looks like a Jenga tower to a Singapore glass dome big enough to house a mountain to a high rise in Italy with a built-in forest, we examine the world’s most extraordinary buildings, bridges, and lifts, reveal their design secrets, and discover the incredible stories of their construction as we try to answer the question: How Did They Build That?”

The first episode will cover Cantilevers and lifts, with a focus on the Bailong Elevator, the world’s tallest outdoor elevator, which is located in China. The description also mentions other structures located in Manhattan, New York and Paris, France.

The only available video I could find is a 10 second advertisement, which you can watch below:


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