Safe Site Check In, a new smartphone application, is aiming to make the jobsite sign-in process much safer and easier than ever. Through the use of a QR code, site workers and visitors use their smartphone to scan the code, answer a few health screening questions to make sure they don’t have any symptoms of COVID-19, and are granted or denied access to the site digitally.

By using their personal devices, companies don’t have to worry about multiple people using the same tablet or pen, which can facilitate the spread of germs.

If it’s later determined that an employee or visitor contracts the virus, Safe Site Check In offers private contact tracing. This makes it extremely easy to determine who may have come into contact with that person, helping to reduce the risk of spreading it further.

Guests and workers checking into the site are not required to download an app or create an account, and their personal health information is stored only on their device to comply with HIPAA and OSHA regulations. The app is available in both English and Spanish, but can also be customized to support other languages, if needed.

Site managers can access check-in logs across multiple sites, receive instant notifications when visitors are granted or denied access, and view reporting dashboards from their account of Safe Site Check In. Administrators can also customize the screening questions for each individual site in order to comply with all state and local requirements.


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